Steps To Identify The Best Legal Consultant For Your Business

We might not be able to foresee the requirement of an advocate for our business venture at the moment, especially when we are fairly nascent in the field of entrepreneurship. However, a sudden change of circumstances involving a legal glitch is enough to topple us off our bandwagon.

hassan elhaisJust imagine yourself going through the cumbersome process of legal documentation, business formations, IP and taxation details etc. alone, without having an iota of understanding on these matters. During such eventualities, putting off a major task like that of hiring a legal consultant can backfire in a big way.

For advocates and legal consultants in Dubai, you may visit us at Rowaad Advocates office, which is led by Dr. Hassan Elhais. The firm is one of the finest among its league and is well versed in business, banking, civil, criminal, family, property, and inheritance laws to name a few. Dr. Hassan Elhais has won numerous national and international awards for rendering exceptional services worldwide.

There are many things that you would be required to consider in your search for a perfect legal consultant for your business. This whole exercise becomes all the more challenging if you are too tight on your budget or your preferred consultant is keeping too busy. Here below, we have tried to list out a few tips that can greatly aid your search for the best.

  • Analyse your business requirements Firstly, it is important to analyse what kind of legal services would deem fit for your business. The market is full of legal consultants, with each having expertise in their areas of operations. As closely as you understand your requirements, it will be easier for you to get in touch with the people of relevance.

This further will play a greater role in cutting down the expenses involved and will help you hire an advocate who will be able to serve you aptly basis your current business requirements.

  • Identify legal firms involved in business consultation Next step in line would be shortlisting the advocates and legal consultants in Dubai, who are specialists in handling the business related legalities. Get in touch with them and understand the years of experience behind their firms. You may also connect with their client base to understand their level of functionality.

It is also important that the legal consultant firm you are planning to hire has a good understanding of the industry you are coming from. Having handled the cases of similar companies as yours is a big advantage on any given day.

Additionally, you may try to probe on the kind of cases that they might have come across in the similar kind of setup.

  • Work out the consultation cost involvedIf you have recently entered the line of business and are working on fixed budgets, then the cost function of a legal consulting firm is very important to understand. This industry is a bit unregulated. It is better to clear out the payment related terms and conditions at the beginning itself.

There are many types of billings prevalent in the consultation sector. Some of the lawyers work on monthly fees while some on a fixed hourly rate. Some consultants also add a condition wherein they are entitled to the higher billing on winning of a case.

  • Level of serviceAvailability and response time of your legal advisor is highly important. Given the fact that the consultants have a super busy schedule, however, once hired, handling legal matters of your firm becomes their prime responsibility. Besides, an emergency can strike anytime and under such circumstances, round the clock availability of your advocate becomes highly critical.


A professional legal advisor will never differentiate on the basis of the small and the large firm. They will provide their unbiased support to each and every client of theirs. A team of professional advocates like Dr. Hassan Elhais and his team of legal consultants in Dubai can be contacted at +971 4 355 8000

  • Legal Firm SizeA general conception is that bigger firms have a busier schedule, which might not hold true in all cases. On the flip side, when it comes to the smaller ones, they can be fairly new in the field with less expertise. Hence, you need to align with the kind of law firm, which is not overly occupied and has the necessary expertise to handle the critical matters.

At, find the expertise you are seeking with Dr. Hassan Elhais and his team of advocates and legal consultants based in Dubai. Connect with them for the professional service.